"My paintings reflect my state of mind, my memories, my humour and my sassy attitude to life. I use contrasting, vivid colours and acrylic markers to bring a movement and little playfulness to my art. With every painting I change my perspective, shift my focus, explore different mediums and learn something new about myself. I adore that fluid moment of complete trance when creating a new piece, my esoteric reverie. I love colours, patterns and I like to experiment a lot. Taking chances and pushing my boundaries."


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    My new found love for an art came as a direct result
    of a lockdown and me being 8 months furloughed. I opened myself to a whole new
    world and I started building up my confidence as an artist through a series of
    challenges. I manage to grow my portfolio (from a few to a few hundred
    paintings), my online presence, been exhibited in a local gallery, published in
    a prestigious magazine and most importantly I haven’t stopped painting. I come
    from a humble background, small town in Czech Republic, where I studied
    languages at local grammar school. I was never really sure where I fit until
    now and it has been the most enjoyable journey.

I would love to share my journey with you. Chek out my Instagram and let me know what you think...